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Roger Deschenes

Toronto Elections: Ward 3 Candidate

Roger Deschenes, a candidate for Ward 3 in the 2010 Toronto elections, has lived his entire life in the city of Toronto. Roger was raised in downtown Toronto and has lived in Ward 3 for the past 22 years. Previously self-employed in the food industry, Roger also has years of experience in construction.

Currently Roger Deschenes works within the transportation and logistics industry.

Roger's hobbies include classic cars and playing hockey.

You may often see Roger walking in Ward 3 balancing his life with his 19 month old grandson, Benjamin.

1. Roger Deschenes' Election Campaign Platform

  • Prudent spending to improve the financial health of the city. How much money do we have? How much money do we need?
  • Everyone wants to cut taxes yet nobody wants to cut services. We need to raise money in order to maintain the services we have. Roger reluctantly admits that tax increases are a reality.
  • Toronto is not a business, it is our home. We have responsibilities to our citizens. Cutting taxes is not necessarily the right way to go. In order to ensure our obligations are met, it seems that we will need tax increases for the foreseeable future. Sorry to report this, but that’s just the way it is.
  • Transit must be improved. We need a link from Pearson International Airport to downtown Toronto.
  • Long-range planning for infrastructure improvement is vital.
  • We need to promote Toronto as a business and tourism destination.

2. Why is Roger the Best Candidate for Ward 3?

  • Roger Deschenes loves Toronto and he wants to see it improve. Roger has a strong sense of where we need to be, particularly where infrastructure and public transit are concerned. Transit systems in many countries are light years ahead of what’s available to Torontonians. That is just unacceptable. We deserve better.
  • Roger Deschenes understands that things need to change.
  • Roger Deschenes will have an open-door policy where citizens are welcome to visit, discuss issues and offer suggestions.
  • You and Roger are on the same team. Working together to make Toronto a better city.
  • Roger Deschenes was raised in the inner city and has a unique understanding of downtown wards, as well as our suburban ward.
  • Roger Deschenes works well with others and tries to build efective consensus.
  • Roger Deschenes will keep “BS” to a minimum.
  • Roger Deschenes will always remember that he works for YOU.

3. What Will Roger Deschenes do for Ward 3?

  • Roger Deschenes will do his utmost to preserve and improve services.
  • Roger Deschenes will not disappear after Election Day in Toronto.
  • Roger Deschenes will have open lines of communication with his constituents and rate payer groups.
  • Roger Deschenes will work towards the enlivenment of Centennial Park, making it a top venue for arts and culture festivals and concerts. Ultimately, it needs a renewed focus, a band shell, and a makeover.
  • Roger Deschenes would like to make better use of Etobicoke City Hall, opening it as a gathering venue for local communities and a centre of activity, arts and culture.

5. Who does Roger Support for Mayor of Toronto?

In the spirit of cooperation required for council to be functional, Roger Deschenes plans to work effectively alongside whomever is elected to lead the city.


Roger Deschenes

Roger Deschenes
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