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Roger Deschenes

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Roger Deschenes and the other candidates

Toronto the Beautiful

Why is Roger running for Ward 3?

Roger Deschenes believes that Toronto is a GREAT city and at a crossroads.
We must make some hard choices now.


We must choose The kind of city we want for the future.

  • Do we want a beautiful, clean city? YES
  • Do we want a safe city? YES
  • Do we want a city with efficient, clean and fairly priced Public Transit? YES
  • Do we want a city that welcomes new business and in turn creates new jobs? YES
  • Do we want a city that encourages innovation? YES
  • Do we want a city that is run as a city with citizens? YES
  • Do we want a city that is fiscally responsible? YES
  • Do we want a city with a vibrant arts community? YES
  • Do we want imagination and creativity at City Hall? YES
  • Do we want a City Council that thinks beyond the next four years and into the future? YES
  • Do we want the best drinking water in the world? YES
  • Do we want equal access to healthcare for all of our citizens? YES
  • Do we want high levels of maintenance for our roadways and parks? YES
  • Do we want housing for all? YES


Roger Deschenes is in favor of all of the above. Who isn`t?

Roger believes all these things are possible, with the right leadership.

The bad news is....
In order to acheive most of these goals more taxes will need to be collected. It is a difficult balancing act to increase taxes to provide service and not kill business which provides the jobs which provide the money to pay taxes.

Mr. Deschenes believes that we need to look at ways to make Toronto a city of dreams. A city where we are not afraid to do big things. Look at the CN Tower, Ontario Place, R.O.M. A.G.O and the Hospital for Sick Children.

Let`s turn Toronto into people city, the city of dreams. Not New York, not Paris , not London, but Toronto.

Let`s promote Toronto all around the world
as one of the best places on earth to live, work, and play.

Toronto skyline from Centre Island

Together we can make it happen.


Roger Deschenes

Roger Deschenes
Ward 3
Toronto Elections