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Peter Kudryk and the other candidates

Why is Peter running for Ward 3?
Why is Roger running for Ward 3?

Peter Kudryk would like to begin by asking you all to look back and be inspired by the success and energy that reverberated across Canada during the Olympic Games. Remember? Oh what a feeling! Didn’t it feel great to be Canadian?

It’s with this same sense of energy and optimism that Peter is once again announcing his candidacy for Councillor here in Etobicoke Centre, Ward 3 because he believes there must now be a strong focus on leadership and change. When Peter Kudryk says change, he means someone who has a vision and a dream. Many years ago a very famous man said, “Some people see things as they are and ask why; Peter sees things that could be and say why not.”

When Peter Kudryk ran last term in 2006, he seriously believed as he does now, that we were going in no particular direction as a community. Four years of no growth, no development, no change and no vision.

Ward 3 Business expansion
What is Peter Kudryk vision?
Peter's vision for Etobicoke, Ward 3 is growth, expansion and development.

Roger Deschenes' response  to Kudryk;  I hate to break it to you but Ward # 3 is a bedroom community. There is virtually no industry here and not that much business. Do we really need more development here???

Roger Deschenes believes we don`t, and a councillor should not be out chasing development. If there are viable development sites, they can easily be discovered without the help of the councillor. Roger believes that private business should set up business improvement associations, perhaps with collaboration, or guidance from a city councillor.

In this election, Peter Kudryk runs on the following platform.

Peter Kudryk states:
To save and restore Centennial Park, including its aging Ski Hill lift, redevelop its Arena to a 4 ice surface facility and create a modern dog park;

Roger Deschenes agrees with Peter that Centennial Park should be improved.  Roger is thinking of a Bandshell among other things.


High school students
Peter Kudryk states:
Create a Junior Council Development Program for high school students, where he will personally will participate and help to mentor our youth to become the best they can be.

Roger Deschenes believes that Peter has a good idea here.


TTC Free for Seniors
Peter Kudryk states:
Fight for our seniors to ride T.T.C. for free.

Roger Deschenes believes that seniors should pay a reduced rate.


Work with school boards
Peter Kudryk states:
Work with all agencies, school boards, non-government-organizations, local businesses and with their associations to bring growth, expansion and development as well as jobs to our Ward 3.

Roger Deschenes agrees with Peter we need this for the City of Toronto.


Better City.......Better Life



Content from Peter Kudryk's website on October 16, 2010
Green content is Roger Deschenes' viewpoint and position.


Roger Deschenes

Roger Deschenes
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